The CSJC - a grassroots organization borne of struggle and working for progress in Jefferson County,  committed to the enlightenment and activism of our citizen neighbors, supporting honest and responsible people for public office and ridding ourselves of self serving politicians.

02/03/2018 Did Jefferson County’s bankruptcy derail its bid for Amazon’s HQ2?

...citizens of Alabama united to save our county

The State Of Alabama had willfully gerrymandered the legislative district map  in order to dilute Black voting strength.
Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC)
Committee to Save Jefferson County
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The Jefferson County Commission is being sued for illegally attempting to extend the 1% County Sales tax earmarked for school construction. 

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The Jefferson County Commission is being sued in the 11th Circuit Court over their county bankruptcy settlement which increased our debt from $1.8 billion to over $14 billion.

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