History of the Committee to Save Jefferson County

to close Cooper Green Mercy Hospital, the counties only indigent care facility, and as well, to close Ketona Nursing Home, again, the only facility for low income seniors.  Their plan, known as “right-sizing the county” included firing over 200 hospital employees and another 800 county workers.  Press conferences, demonstrations and vigils were held to publicize the actions of the GOF while reaching out to patients and physicians.  The Jefferson County Medical Society was openly critical of the “Gang” over the brutal way both Cooper Green and Ketona Nursing Home had been treated.

By 2011, the GOF had overseen the redrawing of a district lines within the county in an attempt to secure their re-election bid for 2014.  The Bankruptcy of Jefferson County was moving forward in the courts with all commissioners except Bowman supporting the effort.  The bankruptcy settlement would raise the county’s debt from $1.8 billion to over $14 billion and place the burden of repayment on the sewer rate payers, most of whom were low income or African American and lived in Districts 1 and 2 of the county. Further, the settlement claimed all real property in the county as collateral for the debt, to insure JP Morgan and their international cronies that that debt would be paid. San Francisco based attorney Calvin Grigsby has been the lead attorney in this fight and others that the CSJC is involved in. Atty. David Sullivan from Birmingham, who fought to prevent BFI from building a waste transfer site in Titusville in 1991, is working with him.

In 2013, the CDB changed its name to the CSJC, committing itself to the reversal of the bankruptcy and the removal of the GOF commissioners. In the 2014 election, Bowman was retained in District 1 and Brown won by a scant 30 votes in District 2 in a run-off.  We also supported Eric Calhoun, running as an independent, against District 3’s Jimmie Stephens.


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The Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC) began in 2003 as the Committee to Improve Birmingham (CIB).  Mayor Kincaid’s interest in the organization encouraged another name change…from the CIB to the Committee to Develop Birmingham (CDB). The concern of the founders was that forces outside of Birmingham were interested in weakening Birmingham’s influence on Jefferson County politics.  The CDB’s mandate was enlightened self-interest of the citizens of Birmingham.

A major concern of the CDB was the lack of loans being made to Birmingham’s companies and communities. At this time, Amsouth and Regions Banks were considering a merger. The CDB opposed the merger alleging that neither bank had African Americans on the board or functioning in executive positions and that they were not doing business with African American vendors, including media.

Contributions to this effort led to the inauguration of “Knowledge Is Power” – a daily talk radio show Monday through Friday from 6-8PM on WATV 900 AM.  The program also streams on the internet at www.watv900.com.

In 2007, General George Bowman’s was appointed and subsequently elected to the Jefferson County Commission.  His staffers unearthed the plan by commissioners Carrington, Stephens, Knight and Brown  - “The Gang of Four” (GOF) –

Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC)