CSJC Members at a press conference.

Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC)


The US Supreme Court ruled that the State Of Alabama had willfully gerrymandered the legislative district map  in order to dilute Black voting strength and that therefore, a new legislative map must be drawn WITHOUT input from elected officials (this time), and new elections from the county on up must be held. Jefferson County has more state legislators (18, should be 14) and senators (8, should be 5) in its delegation than mathematically feasible or necessary which has allowed for single party control of the Jefferson County delegation. Three state representatives, who vote in the Jefferson County delegation, do not live in Jefferson County, a violation of the 1901 Alabama Constitution.

The new map will be ratified by a three judge panel.

The CSJC is encouraging all citizens interested in public service and the welfare of the community to pay close attention to the new map and seriously consider running for public office.

Jefferson County Commission Districts and Representatives.

District #1 George Bowman

District#2  Sandra Little-Brown

District #3 Jimmy Stephens

District #4 Joe Knight

District #5 David Carrington

Redistricting documents

Supreme Court rejects Alabama districts (3/26/2015)

February 28, 2015 Press Release (3/2/2015)

"Gerrymandering" by Dr. Horace Huntley (1/9/2015)