Jefferson County Bankruptcy

Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC)

The Jefferson County Commission is being sued in the 11th Circuit Court over their county bankruptcy settlement which increased our debt from $1.8 billion to over $14 billion to be paid by increasing our sewer rates annually for the next 40 years. Jefferson County commissioners Carrington, Stephens, Knight and Brown voted for the settlement. Bowman voted against it. Attys Calvin Grigsby and David Sullivan are representing the rate payers.

The Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC) seeks to reverse the damage the rate payers will suffer as a result of the County's bankruptcy settlement.

This is the must see video for every citizen of Jefferson County. This is the video that the County Commissioners don't want you to see. Learn:

1. Who Attorney Calvin Grigsby is and why he is defending the sewer rate payers of Jefferson County.

2. Why County Commissioners put the county into a needless bankruptcy.

3. How your water and sewer bills are connected.

4. How you could lose your home if you don't pay your sewer bill.

5. Why our County Commissioners put us further into debt ( we came out of the bankruptcy owing four times more money!)

Your County Commissioners and their attorneys have watched this video - shouldn't you?