Committee to Save Jefferson County (CSJC)

Attorney General (BWWB as Sewer Client)

The office of the Alabama Attorney General is being sued for threatening to sue members of the Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB)  if they agree to contribute as a Board to the Jefferson County Sewer Defense Fund, the fund that has hired Attys Calvin Grigsby and David Sullivan to represent the sewer rate payers as described on our Bankruptcy page.

The presiding Judge at our first appearance determined that we did not have standing to bring the suit. We later found out that this same Judge had worked for the Attorney General a mere nine months previous and had not recused himself to hear the case.

The CSJC was able to secure a resolution from the Birmingham City Council which gave us standing to appeal the judge's decision. Further it gave us a platform to challenge Vestavia State Senator Jabo Waggoner’s attempt to take control of the BWWB away from the City of Birmingham by expanding their Board of Directors.

AG lawsuit documents

Court filing (3/10/2015)